Vienna International Doctor - Dr. Lawrence Wapnah Eine Ordination für Erwachsene und Kinder Adults & Children are treated Konsultationen: auf Deutsch or in English
Vienna International Doctor             -            Dr. Lawrence Wapnah  Eine Ordination für Erwachsene und KinderAdults & Children are treated Konsultationen: auf Deutsch or in English

Dr. Lawrence Wapnah

The City of Vienna / Wien from the Stephansdom


The Practice used to be in one location like most. It now exists throughout the city of Vienna.

Over time, more and more patients wanted or required home visits due to sick children, convenience & many other reasons. Tourists to Vienna naturally preferred hotel visits. As such, since 2016 only home/hotel visits are now made.

Please note: as quite a bit of equipment is already carried to consultations, the Doctor does not carry on a standard visit an ECG/EKG machine, nor a pregnancy / baby heart monitor. Therefore, when making the appointment, please advise the Doctor current symptoms and cardiovascular or pregnancy status. should you believe this equipment may be needed.
Visits are only made by appointment.



Dr. Lawrence Wapnah

+43 (0)664 3066650

Email: 'Kontakt' (link)

Private Practitioner

- Need a new Doctor?

- Haven't been for a while?

- Need a second opinion? - Complex problem?

- Travelling?

- Longer Consultation?

- Family history of heart disease or diabetes?

​- Consultation with a native English speaker?

{Konsultationen auf Deutsch, in English, ou en français}


Home visits

available Wednesdays to Sundays by appointment


mittwochs bis sonntags nach telefonischer Vereinbarung



Termine / Appointments


Please ring (especially if urgent) or email for a non urgent appointment.

Ein Termin ist nötig.

Rufen Sie bitte an / Please call:  (+43)

 0664 30 666 50

Email: 'Kontakt' (link)


(Sehr kranke Patienten haben immer Vorrang. Very sick patients at any time have priority.)



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